Child Future Planning

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Children Details

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Future Educational Planning

Some description about future educational planning

Marriage Plan

Cash flow STEP-1

(living expenses,EMIs, school bus , School fees if paid yearly then divide by 12)


Al Field is Fill as in a Currency Amount

*Living Expense includes Groceries, Electricity, Telephone, Petrol, Cable, Water Bill, Maid payments

**Other Exp includes Education fees, allowances to children, school books,

***Discretionary expense includes Entertainment expenses like shopping, movies, hotels, Gym, etc.

Investment Details


(If both have PPF, write entries in the same column separated by comma)

Bank FD

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Other Fixed Instruments

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Write Self/Spouse after the Stock name

Mutual Funds - one time

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Mutual Funds : SIP

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Note: W-weekly, M- monthly, Q- quarterly

Life Insurance

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Health Insurance

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Invested In

Add Invested Quantity with Current Value Price


Amount you can invest for Child’s Goal Planning 

for a tenure/period of 

Investments already made for Child’s future goal (mention the details like when did you start investing, where, what is the current value of the investment done etc.)

The information provided in this application shall not be shared to anyone else and is kept confidential