Comprehensive Financial Planning

Personal Information

Family Members & Dependents

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Cash flow STEP-1

(If the spouse is working mention income of self + spouse ex. 60k + 40k)

Cash Flow STEP-2

Add Expenses Details


Al Field is Fill as in a Currency Amount

*Living Expense includes Groceries, Electricity, Telephone, Petrol, Cable, Water Bill, Maid payments

**Other Exp includes Education fees, allowances to children, school books,

***Discretionary expense includes Entertainment expenses like shopping, movies, hotels, Gym, etc.

Net Worth


Explain your Liabilities  in this section

Investment Details


(If both have PPF, write entries in the same column separated by comma)

Bank FD

Add some details about your bank fixed deposites

Other Fixed Instruments

Add details about some other fixed deposite


Write Self/Spouse after the Stock name

Mutual Funds - one time

Write Self/Spouse after the fund name

Mutual Funds : SIP

Write Self/Spouse after the fund name


Note: W-weekly, M- monthly, Q- quarterly

Life Insurance

Write Self/Spouse after the policy name

Health Insurance

fill some information about health insurance

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